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A curated community space for East Asian medicine practitioners to connect, learn and be inspired.

What's going on inside the community

This community was created in March 2021. It is intended to be a replacement for the vitriolic and unhelpful Facebook groups, and boring/dead forums, for people who are interested in carrying on professional conversations with colleagues worldwide.

It is a modern platform, but curated and private. I am growing the network slowly, experimenting to find the right mix of features. When we're out of the experimental stage, we'll throw the doors wide open and see what kind of community goodness we can generate.

Things we hope to see in the community include:

  • Questions about every aspect of being a practitioner of East Asian medicine including business matters, ethical matters and all aspects of practice management
  • Questions about medicine, particularly classical Chinese medicine, but all traditions and foci are welcome
  • Answers! It's not enough to have a bunch of people asking questions, so put yourself out there! We hope people will get over their reservations about speaking in a public sphere and share their wisdom with others
  • Thoughts and observations about life in general, sharing photos of your space or the beautiful place where you live, and similar "social network stuff" is expected and celebrated
  • Cat photos and memes are also welcome!

In the future, I'll be adding special events and other features to the community to help increase engagement and value.

If you're interested in being included, just request to join using the button at the top of this page, and we'll get you going.

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